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Choosing the proper thumb brace can mean a difference between a complete and painless recovery or a prolonged agony to your thumb injuries. Knowing your thumb brace elements such as materials, elasticity, features and brands can save you from months of recovery and ensure comfortable thumb support.

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How to Wear a Thumb Brace?

There is essentially two ways to wear a thumb brace. These two methods applies whether you are putting them on yourself or you have a doctor to put it on for your (in case of a plaster-based thumb brace). The methods differ by the position of the thumb.

The first method positions your thumb straight and pointing upwards. This is also sometimes referred to as the ‘abducted thumb’ method, where the thumb is secured away from the palm and other fingers.

The second method positions your thumb parallel and pointing the same direction as other fingers. This is also called the ‘cup holding’ position, where the thumb brace is fastened in a way which you can hold something between your thumb and your other fingers.

In choosing a method to wear thumb brace, there is no one best between the two methods. You should choose a method which you feel most comfortable with. In case of doubt, always consult your physician.

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