Thumb Pain Sewing

Those in the sewing profession may be familiar with pain around the base of their thumb and near the tip of the index finger. Sewing enthusiasts or those embarking on serious sewing projects may also get this pain as their hands are not accustomed to the continuous heavy work.

You may be experiencing¬†de Duervain’s tenosynovitis from the overuse of the tendon at the base of your thumb. You might also be suffering from RSI for the repetitive sewing.

Well one thing going through your mind must be : Is it alright if I continue with the sewing task? Or is there any way to reduce the pain?

First thing to do, is to rest your hand altogether for several days. Wearing a thumb brace will help recovery as it restrain the movement of your thumb. But we know sometimes for those on a sewing mission, it is not easy to entirely stop.

There is a few things you can do to lessen the pain on your thumb and continue sewing. Firstly, you should correct the way you are holding the needle ie. by pinching it with the tip of your thumb (instead of with the flat surface of the thumb print) against the index finger. While pinching, your thumb should be straight and not curved.

Secondly, you can wear the thumb brace while sewing. It will somewhat restrict your movement and make the task slighty harder, but it prevents you from overusing your thumb.

If the pain does not subside even after several days of rest, you should consult a hand and wrist clinic for further diagnosis.